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Read the room and know what time to visit the future home

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Buying a house is the focus of every family's attention, and choosing a suitable residential area is what every family yearns for. But more and more real estate claims high quality, full decoration. Let a person dazzling, do not know where to start.


Today, for everyone to explain the depth of several big steps to help you to see the house, get rid of the house confusion!


A look: sales center to see the project positioning


Project style and tonality


Sales center is the sales of real estate outpost, is the whole project image of the demonstration.


Sales center determines the positioning of the project, sales center design style often represents the model between the style, French style generally have distinctive European style chandelier, rose window, French carved column, etc.; French style brings a person the feeling of palace luxurious romance, Chinese style gives a person the positive feeling in atmosphere, American style is contemporary and contracted, day type often is small clear new wind, various styles also have respective different place.


Two see: sand table to see the location of the project


Stratum decides, circumjacent form a complete set, future development


Looking at the merits of a project, a very key factor is to look at the location of the sand table.


Some people prefer to live in a busy downtown area, while others prefer a quiet place far away from the noisy downtown environment. It can be said that the different class determines the different vision; Project supporting facilities should not be underestimated. Mature peripheral supporting facilities can bring more convenient lifestyle and high quality of life to buyers. It is also necessary to understand the future planning of the project location. Obviously, the ecological living area is featured with livable and comfortable living, the humanities and science education area is featured with education, and the science and technology innovation park is featured with high technology, etc. Different positioning areas also have different functions.



Three see: sample room in detail all decoration quality


Taste difference, quality responsibility, brand value



Taste is different, decided to choose different


(1) entry door: face to bear


The door is like the face of a family, others see is taste, oneself see is comfortable. Look at the quality of the door to pay attention to its material, appearance, performance, brand, etc., the most intuitive is the brand, zhucheng, jin datian, mei xin and other domestic brands, or the extraction of foreign technology mixed brand. Only the strict selection of high - quality door to set off a family of good taste.


(2) smart lock: take care of it


Now more and more families will choose to use smart locks instead of conventional locks, a big advantage is more secure and convenient. Compared with conventional locks, the intelligent lock has more unlock modes, more perfect lock core performance, and the placement of alarm function, which greatly ensures the safety performance.


(3) cabinets and kitchen appliances: delicious


Cooking delicious family time, is every wife home ideal. No matter be U model or L model kitchen is designed, it is to cooperate better finish cooking demand, so the ambry that chooses what brand is particularly important. The ambry of big shop sign on the market is numerous, choose multifariously, have han li, Europe quite familiar with, zhi bang, sea er to wait, numerous brand chooses to cooperate with international advanced technology, in order to obtain the ambry product of higher quality. On hutch report chooses, high quality dish can choose square normally too, boss, China emperor, Siemens home appliance wait for a brand, because these brand quality have assurance not only, still because they have abundant brand actual strength.


(4) toilet, toilet and shower: cleaning


The system that defend bath also is a that occupy the home must consider, from toilet profile, closestool, flower asperses a tiny screw to want to consider consideration. The biggest point that defends bath is to do constant temperature heat preservation job well namely. Not only in the humid environment to do fast dry without water marks, but also to do the mildew and bacteriostasis is rare.


(5) central air-conditioning: sunshine boy


Nothing warms you up better than a central air conditioner when winter comes. Choose central air conditioning is also a knowledge, whether energy saving, whether can purify the air, whether intelligent temperature control, all three needs to meet can be called a good air conditioning. The brand of central air conditioning is very much also, kelon, beautiful, gree, big gold, what different brand differs price to have different quality to appear again.


Remember the steps above, in the future will give you more time to see the process, bring more efficient experience!