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The past is a long way to go

Time:2021-04-08   Visits:1066

On the afternoon of February 2, 2019, the Group held its 2018 annual working meeting in the conference room of Zhonggu Hotel. I had the privilege to participate in the listening and felt a lot.


Regarding the property sector, the meeting requested: to improve the level of property management, around the core of owner satisfaction, adhere to both management and service, in order to maintain the reputation of enterprises and improve the economic benefits of property. The first is to improve the overall quality of employees through training; the second is to establish a clear responsibility system; the third is to strengthen communication with the owners; the fourth is to improve the collection rate of property fees, so as to achieve full collection.


1. Improving the overall quality of employees through training


Personnel engaged in property industry tend to be older, less educated and limited in property management. Through training, we can learn about the relevant laws and regulations of property management, master the professional knowledge and skills needed for work, such as the job training of cleaning and greening personnel, the vocational skills training of Engineering personnel, and so on, so as to improve the overall quality of employees.


Establishment of a clear responsibility system


Grid management, responsibility to people. It is more important to achieve the desired results than to stop working on the schedule. For every work area, every work, clear the responsible person, eliminate the silence.


3. Strengthen communication with owners


Strengthening the communication with the owners and resolving the contradictions with the owners is the most important thing in property management. Harmony with the owners, enhance mutual understanding, eliminate misunderstandings and barriers. Only by respecting the owner, learning to listen and think differently, can we serve the owner better.

Improve the satisfaction of the owners and obtain the understanding and support of the owners for property management.


Fourth, improve the collection rate of property fees, so as to collect all receivables.


Property fee is the foundation of property survival. Promoting charge by service and improving service level in an all-round way is the premise of ensuring collection rate. To strengthen the reminder of obsolete arrears, we should follow it to the end and gradually solve the problems left over by history.


Owners'requirements and standards for property services are constantly improving. We need to put customer visits into practice, constantly understand the needs of owners, timely address the needs of owners, and make property services to a higher level.