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Group Holds Strategic Communication Meeting from 2019 to 2021

Time:2021-04-08   Visits:1066

In order to deeply understand the development ideas and measures of each unit, further consolidate the cornerstone of the sustainable and healthy development of each plate of the group. From March 1st to March 2nd, 2019, the Group held the "Report on the Work of Each Unit and Strategic Communication Meeting for 2019-2021" in the small conference room of Huijin Building.

This meeting is chaired by Mr. Yang Chunyu, President of the Group. The meeting is in the form of inquiry. The inquiry group is composed of all the members of the board of directors of the Group and the members of the Group Performance Appraisal Group. It communicates face-to-face with the first responsible persons of the subordinate units of the Group. Kellion Optoelectronics, Regal Human Resources, Energy Conservation Company, Hengyang Industry Company, Real Estate Company, Property Company, Business Administration Company, Landscape and Greening Company, Hengli Textile Company, Trade Department, Chemical Industry Department, Import and Export Department, Senyang International Trade Company, Hengyang Warehousing Company and other 18 units under the Group respectively summarize their respective business, analyze the deficiencies, and plan for launching in 2019-2021. Exhibit goals and ideas. The group Council has given comments and inquiries pertinently.

"Where is the core competitiveness of your organization?" "What do you think of the real estate situation in the future? What is the development plan? "How to ensure that these new profit growth points fall?" "What support does the group need?" Wait for one sharp problem to let each unit's short board emerge, let insufficiency surface. "Understanding is not enough, and then self-reflexive; knowing difficulties, and then self-improvement." Through discussion and analysis, we can form a common understanding of development, form collective wisdom, and effectively guide the direction of sustainable development of each plate of the group.

Through this strategic communication meeting, the objectives of each unit are clearly defined, and the responsibilities of the heads of each unit are clearly defined. We believe that under the strong leadership of the group council, through early planning, early deployment, seizing opportunities, pioneering and innovating, we will be able to create greater brilliance in the cause of the five oceans!