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A beautiful area in southern Jiangsu province (Real estate)

“Fragrant grass and new situation every year”. Ingeniously make the southern area of Jiangsu beautiful and exquisitely build a nice home

Be affectionate with homeland and home. Wuyang takes every project as a piece of artwork. Its real estate covers all states concerned along with the leasing and sale. Shaxi Olive Island and Notting Mansion with great popularity provide people with exclusive private island-based residences and ecology suitable for inhabitation. The Number-One Wuyang River-Side Plaza, the first-rate Huijin Mansion as the center of commerce in Taicang and “Wuyang Plaza” as the landmark of the new zone of Taicang meet the multi-needs of people in modern times. Wuyang has successively developed Shengyang Urban Garden, Wuyang Mall of Commerce, Wuyang Residence and Holiday-Inn Plaza of Northern Shanghai known as “Wuyang·Metropolitan Courtyard” (Chongqing), etc.

Over the past ten years, One exquisite real estate project after another meticulously completed by Wuyang has created perpetual value for Taicang. Real estate of Wuyang is an ideal choice for investors, a new stop-over for successful life, the capital of white collar-workers thanks to its safety, comfort and beautiful environment, a place of green ecology, light-heartedness and leisure as well as the serene home for peaceful life.

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