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About us
Address by the Chairman


China in the prime is developing rapidly with prosperity and peace.

This is a great era full of reform and opportunities.

The passage of 30 years is like a song along with strenuous advancement.

The development of Wuyang Group is condensed by our passion, innovation, wisdom and hardwork.

Rooted in the beautiful southern Jiangsu province, we face the world of business.

“Wuyang” has developed into a multi-functional enterprise group featured by real estate, industry, trade and finance.

With its virtue known across the world,“Wuyang” is steadily stepping into a desirable state.

Based on business, “Wuyang” is striving to vitalize itself and China for great achievements.

Looking into the future with great ambition, we devote ourselves to an innovation-oriented enterprise marked by science and technology.

Only with innovation can we advance continuously under the situation of big data, new cognition and great reform.

Innovation is a must for making constant structural adjustment and meeting the demand of diversities in the future.

We adhere to the core values of “Trustworthiness, unity, innovation and vitalization” to provide endless energy fot the growth of various kinds of talents and the sustainable development of the group.

We always cherish gratitude.

Our achievements and self-confidence are eaxactly derived from the support and concern from all walks of life in society.

On behalf of all employees of the group, I would like to extend sincere thanks to our old and new friends for their enthusiastic support and friendly cooperation.

Please believe, “Wuyang” is not only your cooperative partner, but also your trustworthy friend!