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Talent concept


The views of Wuyang on talents: The enterprise is the talent-based platform with shared values.


Wuyang pays the greatest attention to the build-up of talent-based platform as its first strategy.As viewed by Wuyang, the enterprise is the talent-based platform with shared values. Talentss are the first resource and the number-one motive force for the development of its cause. Wuyang has a batch of leaders at the forefront of the industry with international vision. It has a talent-based contingent of innovation which is courageous to undertake risks. According to the needs for talents and intelligence required by special industry, booming industry and key projects, Wuyang has systematically brought in talents of various kinds who are emphatically required to release their vigor for innovation and entreprenurship, trying to form a desirable atmosphere in which everyone can become a talent and give play to his/her talent.Wuyang pays attention to the further education of existing employees, with rich forms and contents of training and that internationalized training is rendered to high-level talents. Wuyang has been all along perfecting the links of stimulating talents by offering adequate opportinities of promotion and salary-increase for employees with excellent performance, potential for development and special contributions. Favorable policies as encouragement are adopted for excellent young employees. Preferential treatment, career and affection are presented to retain employees while trying to enable excellent talents to make great achievements and to have more space to display their ability.