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Real estate

The Olive Island.

橄欖島-1.jpgThe island-based private residence. The river-side.

Sunshine. Weeping willows. Reflection in the river. Breeze. Ripples. Mist over the river. Naturalness. Harmony. Inspired charm.

The Olive Island. Amazing island.Dreamy island.

The projects are located at the core section of the new zone to the south of Shaxi and at the confluence between Ruiyun Road and Nanxibang.

Suzhou-Hangzhou Time Plaza, Youngjiu Plaza of Commerce and the Oriental Film and TV in the vicinity.

Mature supportive facilities integrated with one-stop venue of dailylife featured by availability of food, beverage and recreation.

The First Elementary School of Shaxi is close to the Experimental High School in a strong academic atmodphere.

Yinxi Wetland Park is just in sight, covering an ecological area of 10000 square meters.

Being very close to Shaxi People’s Hospital, it offers protection for the public health.

It is connected with Sheng-Hai Expressway and Hu-Tong High-speed Railway (under construction), making it light-hearted and easy to reach Shanghai to enjoy life of two cities.


As a further developed Shaxi plate built by Wuyang, it is another master-piece as a beautiful area insouthern Jiangsu province.

Encircled by the river on three sides, the project is featured by exquisite small multi-story buildings, romantic French architecture and the elegance of Suzhou gardens revealing the noble integration of Chinese and Western styles.

The life of private island-based residences with quality decoration and installation offers an ever-green environment of four seasons along with the quick change of sceneries for each move, hence making it unique and transcendent.

You are welcome to enjoy the fashionable glamor of the Olive Island, the elegance of a 1000-year old town and the affection of sexy French appeal.


The Notting Mansion

諾丁公館-2.jpgEnjoy life. The ecology suitable for inhabitation.

Bird-chirping, fragrant flowers, wetland, green shade, sceneries and gardens.

The Notting Mansion. Leisurely life. Exquisite life.

The project lies in the north of Shaxi Nanhuan Road, to the west of Zhendong Road and in the core area of the New City to the south.

The project is marked by exquisite small multi-story buildings in reasonable array

coupled with meticulous decoration and installation, hence rendering various possibilities of life for numerous residents.

Besides, it is encircled by mature supportive facilities such as shops,

schools and hospitals. Surrounded by Jincanghu Park and Yinxi Wetland Park, the residences offer intoxicating life with picturesque sceneries.

High-quality gardens make sure that every household can enjoy sceneries and green shade so that residents can be blessed with mother nature without going out.

This is an exquisite and elegant community characterized by low density and high-quality with modern ecology suitable for inhabitation.

This is a piece of superb work perfectly combining humanism, dignfied buildings and eco-gardens.


1555159996135864.png五洋濱江-2.jpgWuyang ? River-Side Plaza.

One-stop shopping for daily-life. The number-one choice in the port-city.

As the Shopping Center, the first choice for residents in Taicang as a port-city, Wuyang ? River-side Plaza is situated at the cross-section between Longjiang Road and Guanghua Road of Taicang (directly opposite to the passenger-transport station of the port area).   

It is the first“park-style” river-side center for shopping experience.

It is the first one-stop shopping center integrating shopping, leisure, food, beverage, recreation and business of the largest scale, the highest grade and the most comprehensive state of business in the new city of the port area.

Famous enterprises already in this plaza include the Display and Transaction Center of Imported Commodities of Taichang Port, Yurun Chain Supermarket, Zhongying Wuyang International Cinema, Yashneg Hotel, Starbucks and Miss Youyou Music Dining Hall, etc.


Wuyang ? Huijin Mansion

匯金-5.jpgNew height of intelligence. The first-rate CBD.

As one of the new landmarks in the CBD of Taicang, Huijing Mansion dedicates itself to building up the first-rate standard of commerce. With obviously advantageous geographic location, it is close to the Municipal Center of Administration and Wanda Plaza. It is encircled by mansions of finance and commerce with perfect supportive facilities.The project is the core CBD of the new area, i.e. green two-star smart grade-A office building.


All-smart supportive facilities are available, in addition to the adoptiona smart system integrating IC cards with the swipe of mobile phones. There is a smart conference center for the new and smooth office work without keys. It is one of the projects having first used the net-connected floors in Taicang. In 2017, it witnessed the successful settle-down of the Financial Settlement Center and the Center of Purchase and Logistics (Greater China) of German Schaeffler Group, one of the top 500 enterprises in the world.


Wuyang Plaza

a new landmark of Taicang and the capital of elites in southern Jiangsu province.

Wuyang Plaza is a milestone building in the process of turning Taicang into a modern metropolis. Situated in the core area of Taicang at the confluence between East Shanghai Road and Dongcang Road, it is connected with the new urban area in the east and the old urban area in the west, with the industrial area in the north and the new city in the southern suberbs of Taicang. Wuyang Plaza is a high-grade center of commerce and business integrating food, beverage, recreation, tourist hotels, shopping, financial service, leisure, health-care, business and trade. With a beautiful environment and high quality, this plaza for the leisure of white collar workers derves its title as the capital of elites in Taicang. This architectural ensemble marked by nobility and the modern spirit is an ideal choice for investment.



Shengyang Urban Garden

Wuyang Residence (Overseas Garden)

The Holiday-Inn Plaza of Northern Shanghai

Wuyang · Metropolitan Courtyard (Chongqing)

Wuyang Mall of Commerce


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