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Rongbo Lamp-Decoration Co., Ltd., Wuyang Group, Jiangsu Province

Let the light of China shine over the whole world.


With its base of production, development and research relying on Rongwenkubo Illumination System Co., Ltd. under Rongwen Group in Suzhou, it is a company specializing in producing and selling lamps of various kinds. Its predecessor was Taicang Huanan Lamp Factory established in 1984. In 1992, it set up Suzhou Changrong Lamp-Decoration Co., Ltd. in cooperation with Hong Kong Rongwen Lamp-Decoration Co., Ltd. This company has specialized equipment with fairly high technological content which is suitable for large-scale production as well as the first-rate testing instruments imported from USA and Japan. It has successively been evaluated as a star enterprise of Jiangsu province, an advanced foreign exchange earner via export and a Chinese enterprise with the honor of special grade. Since 1985, it has been launching all-round quallity management. In 1999, it passed the attestation of ISO9002.In June of the same year, it started the application of MRP. In 2012, it brought in ERP completely, having realized the management marked by the information integration of production and distribution.


The company mainly produces several dozens of lamps in variety such as lawn lamps, road lamps, factory-mine lamps and projection lamps, in addition to nearly 1000 kinds of indoor lamps including inlaid ceiling lamps, track lamps and emergency lamps, etc. They are extensively used for scenic illumination (ancient buildings, high-rise buildings, high pagodas and gardens, etc.). road illumination (tunnels, etc.) , venue illumination (airports, docks and stadiums, etc.) and bridge illumination, etc., with distribution points across the world.


Projects undertaken: Maputo Bridge, Cement factories in Algeria, Tiananmen Tower and Lugou Bridge in Beijing, etc.


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