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Loufeng (Shanghai)Investment Management Co., Ltd.

Established in April 2015 with registered capital of 30 million Yuan (RMB), it is a fund management company with privately raised stock rights, a company jointly set up by Jiangsu Wuyang Group as the big stock-holder and its management team. In 2015, it entered the record regarding the manager of the fund privately raised, with the record-number being P1015285. Members of the management team of the company are from noted investment banks, the information management of securities firms and banks with rich experience of securities and fund management.

Loufeng (Shanghai)Investment Management Co., Ltd.  is mainly engaged in such business as the secondary public offering of listed companies and fund-raising in restructuring, particularly in the management after the investment is made. Relying on powerful resources of media and the capability of management over the market value, it renders guarantee for the withdrawal of the invested projects after profits are made.


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