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Wuyang Plaza

Launch time:2021-04-08
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1555076375.pngWuyang Plaza

a new landmark of Taicang and the capital of elites in southern Jiangsu province

Wuyang Plaza is a milestone building in the process of turning Taicang into a modern metropolis. Situated in the core area of Taicang at the confluence between East Shanghai Road and Dongcang Road, it is connected with the new urban area in the east and the old urban area in the west, with the industrial area in the north and the new city in the southern suberbs of Taicang.

Wuyang Plaza is a high-grade center of commerce and business integrating food, beverage, recreation, tourist hotels, shopping, financial service, leisure, health-care, business and trade.

With a beautiful environment and high quality, this plaza for the leisure of white collar workers derves its title as the capital of elites in Taicang. This architectural ensemble marked by nobility and the modern spirit is an ideal choice for investment.