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Wuyang ? River-Side Plaza

Launch time:2021-04-08
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Wuyang ? River-Side Plaza

One-stop shopping for daily-life. The number-one choice in the port-city.

As the Shopping Center, the first choice for residents in Taicang as a port-city, Wuyang ? River-side Plaza is situated at the cross-section between Longjiang Road and Guanghua Road of Taicang (directly opposite to the passenger-transport station of the port area).  

It is the first“park-style” river-side center for shopping experience.

It is the first one-stop shopping center integrating shopping, leisure, food, beverage, recreation and business of the largest scale, the highest grade and the most comprehensive state of business in the new city of the port area.

Famous enterprises already in this plaza include the Display and Transaction Center of Imported Commodities of Taichang Port, Yurun Chain Supermarket, Zhongying Wuyang International Cinema, Yashneg Hotel, Starbucks and Miss Youyou Music Dining Hall, etc.


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